A brand to spark
a generation

All it takes is a spark. We collaborated with ClimAct a group from Oxfam Novib to create a brand for teenagers and young adolescents which captured their spirits and energy to help drive the conversation around climate change. These conversations are already taking place globally, but this brand aimed to give the community a brand voice that could be recognized and bring people together.

Once I started Ideating, it soon became apparent to me that this brand would have to be easily accessible by many, Bold and captivating - so I did just that! I created an extensive brand guide with multiple examples on colour pairing, typography and created a delivery package with sticks, Instagram filters, etc so that the brand could be accessible by anyone. A few bold colours, Neon lines and a google accessible font were the fitting combination.

Halftone image processing

We created a photography style which was iconic to the brand, strong portraits with halftones effects which could be added to give depth and strength.

The Team 

Creative Director: Davide Mancini, Michael Vromans 
Project Manager: Hardik Parmar
Brand Strategist: Rob Nolten
Brand Designer: Hana Wensley